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Upward Sports

Upward Basketball 2014-15!

We are looking forward to our 14th Upward Basketball season here at Spring Hill. Please tell your friends about our program. Upward truly is an outstanding program and playing a team sport is a good experience for our children. 

We are still accepting registration forms, but hurry before a waiting list is formed!
Registration forms are available at the Activities Center and in the Education Office.

Practices will start the first week of November!

Rule Format Change for (Boys & Girls ) 5th/6th grade Division

Game Format

  • Games are 4 quarters, each of which are 7 minutes in length
  • The clock stops at each whistle (violations, fouls, out of bounds play, timeouts, etc.)
  • Overtimes are 2 minutes in length (regulation clock)
  • Teams are allowed one (1) 30-second timeout per half (1 per team per half)
  • Goal height: 10 feet
  • Ball size: 28.5 (girls), 29.5 (boys)

Rules for Play

  • A jump ball is used to start the game and the overtime period
  • Zone and man defenses are allowed (both should be used throughout the season)
  • Press defense is allowed in the backcourt at all times except if a team has a 15 point advantage
  • All players are allowed five (5) fouls each game. Players do not foul out in a segment (with 2 fouls) but can foul out of the game with five. After the seventh team foul in the half, bonus free throws are awarded (1 and 1)
  • Three point shots are allowed and encouraged. Courts must feature a three point line
  • Teams are not required to use the Upward Substitution System. Playing time requirements for this division are:

             - Each young athlete plays a minimum of ¼ of each game

            -  Each young athlete must play in both halves of each game


            -  End of season tournament play adds excitement to your league

For more information, please contact the Activities Center by calling 342-5375 or email.